Studio OBV is an independent design & creative coding studio working worldwide
Studio OBV - Nicoletti Microgravity
Studio OBV - Satu Maaranen

Studio OBV is lead by Ondine Vermenot, an art director, graphic designer & creative developer with 10 years of experience.

Adapting to the requirements of each project, we alternate between working independently, integrating into existing teams, or assembling new ones.

Ondine has worked in more than 15 countries & for many clients including Saint Heron, Toggl, PEW Research center & Melitta Baumeister.

Reach out at & @studio.obv

Previously, Ondine was the co-founder of Studio 24/24, which she ran from 2014 to 2022.

Selected work:

COZY (Identity & Creative Coding) — Coming soon
Galleries Peyrissac (Identity) — Coming soon
Ophelia (Design & Development)
Saint Heron (Development)
Julien Vallon (Design & Development)
Anthony Leonardi III (Design & Development)
SoftSpot (Design & Development)
Jasmine Deporta (Development)
Studio August (E-commerce Development)
Foco Gallery (Development)
Nicoletti Contemporary (Development)